Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A camera borrowed and Sos arrives home!

Guess what! I‘ve managed to borrow Dad’s old camera and am working out how to use it, so soon there will be photos! B is my advisor and doing a great job! So…watch this space!!

Yesterday the Hub took the carpet designated for the spare bedroom outside to measure it and work out how to lay it. When the postman arrived he wondered whether we were going to carpet the drive instead of paving it. Our postman is one gas man, always good for a quick chat and a laugh; people like him are a gift to the day.

B chose a little wire storage box in Homebase yesterday for her card resources and spent this morning carefully sorting them into an order. She is enjoying herself so much. She also hung up the wet laundry for me without being asked and got supper for Sos. She so missed her sister this last week.

Sos arrived back on the Dublin bus late this afternoon having had a great time in Spain. She spent last night in Dublin with Dilly and they talked themselves to a standstill! From what she has told us so far they made the most of every day, visiting both cultural places, and the Warner Bros. Park which they loved. She was pick-pocketed twice, but both times gave chase and got her money back no problem…an advantage of having Kick-boxing as a hobby! One of the boys had his camera taken but another chased after the thief and retrieved. They found an Irish bar run by a hilarious guy from Donegal so their evenings were very staid- NOT! All in all, the entire trip has done her a power of good. She brought me back a brilliant pencil topper which I’m going to post as my profile picture when I figure how!

I spent much of today with the folks. They are expecting visitors so were doing a tidy and clean- Mom is much tidier than me, so her ‘spaces’ didn’t need so much, but Dad is a disaster, even compared to me, and THAT’s saying something! We were looking at a slide show of his photos, some of which he took in Switzerland and the scenery was amazing. In the dresser he found some old photos of his parents before he was born so we were looking at them too, its fun tracing likenesses down the generations!
I’ve been thinking recently how lucky I am that the opportunity to return to live from overseas came whilst my folks are still in good health and strength. I know they enjoy living close to their grand-daughters, but I’m also very glad to have these years with them as through circumstances beyond anyone’s control I had to leave home part way through school, and never again lived near them until we returned from Kenya. I lived with close relatives so am fortunate to have two sets of family really! But still…not everyone gets to make up for lost time and I know I’m lucky.

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BT said...

I'm glad Sos is back home ok and had a great time. What a wonderful age to be. That means your camera is back, so you won't need to conquer the other one! Glad B is being helpful too and still into card making.

Lovely to read a bit about your Mum and Dad and how chaotic your Dad is!! My parents always had 'piles' of stuff about. Books, newspapers, things that didn't seem to have 'homes'. I used to try and organise them but it never really worked.

So glad you are managing to make up for lost time with your parents.


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