Monday, 12 April 2010

New Improved Pleasant Pheasant Alarm Clock!

We appear to have gone straight from Winter to high Summer here and skipped Spring entirely...not that I'm complaining but the flora and fauna are utterly discombobulated.
Hence the fact that the last few mornings we've been woken at 5.something am by our local cock pheasant standing on a stone outside the bedroom window and screeching his head off. Now I do realise there are many ways to advertise that one is available for an elegant mate but Janey Mac! if we all did that the neighbours wouldn't half complain!

He is rather a gorgeous specimen and I hope he lives long and prospers, but not outside my bedroom window! I suppose though, that if I was as gorgeous as that I'd stand on a rock and advertise myself too...actually, on second thoughts, if I had a speckled chest and long tail I'll be more likely to hide! I tried to get a photo of him this morning and was out stalking him in my PJ's but no luck. Perhaps tomorrow...if Marey Horse doesn't kick him into oblivion first as he was seriously aggravating her this morning and she was snorting and humphing at him big time!

Other news?
BBug is back at school this morning- minus her Easter Geography homework which she left too late to finish.

Dilly is home for a few days. Last week she was finally diagnosed with what's been wrong with her since last August, causing her to fall over, have no strength, and be in almost constant pain- Fibromyalgia, a form of Arthritis. NOT what you expect at age 20.
At least it counts as an official disability so she can have a writer for her exams and extensions for written work. It has brought her 'normal' life to a complete halt though and she is obviously having a bit of bother getting her head around it. Still, at least we know what it is, the alternatives could have been far, far worse.

Travelling Sister returned home Friday safe and sound, looking disgustingly healthy and tanned.
She brought me a Bolivian Doll- its about 5" tall and she says they really do mostly dress like this. Interesting huh?

Big Sister moved house/ flat on Thursday and Friday, just within Dublin, and is delighted to be unpacking all her things which have been in storage since she returned from South America in the Summer.
And the Hub cleared and tidied the shed out on Saturday- not before time, mark you!
So, from snow and gales to high Summer in a fortnight...and I've just answered the phone to my Dad: 'Hello hello? This is the Mountain Rescue- do you know that you have a sheep up on your roof?'
What next!


Jane's Art said...

Oh Heather I feel so bad for Dilly...but it's so much better to know finally so now she can start dealing with it!

The doll is wonderful, love the colors!!

Deborah said...

Hi, we are enjoying some nice weather here in New England too! It was 85 degrees now 60 degrees F.
I like the doll too! Did you really have a sheep on your roof???

Susan R. Mills said...

My mom has Fibromyalgia. I'm sorry to hear about Dilly. It's not fun, but it is manageable. I'll be thinking about her.

Amanda said...

What rotten luck for Dilly, she should be out and about enjoying herself, not learning to deal with an illness. I'm thoroughly enjoying the good weather, it really makes everything seem so much better, though it's the dawn chorus of all the blessed birds we've been feeding throughout the winter and who've taken up residence that wakes me up each morning.

Andrea said...

Seems like we are trying to skip spring here in the states, too!

Hugs, andrea

Heart2Heart said...

Wow! You really have been busy lately! Where do you find the time? I don't know about the rooster at 5am. I think I'd be plotting his early demise soon!

Miss you and glad that summer is just around the corner for you.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

amy smart said...

OH wow. What busy times you have been having. I'm so sorry to hear about the Fibromyalgia. That is not an easy thing. I am glad you have a diagnosis however, and hope it only means progress.


Vivian said...

I'm a first-time visitor to your entertaining, lovely blog. Looks like I'm going to be in for some interesting stories now and then.

I also popped in on your two other blogs, and I'm still laughing from the "Irish Password."

And such beautiful photos you have to share.

Greetings from cool, rainy Iowa, in the middle of the US.

Elaine said...

I am impressed that you were out trying to shoot the pheasant with your camera instead of a shotgun. LOL I'm sure a nice roast pheasant would give you pleasant dreams. Sorry about Dilly's fibromyalgia. She is much too young to deal with something like that.

ladydi said...

Bummer. Constant pain is not a good companion. I am a firm believer in miracles, and hope and pray that healing comes her way. The shed project looks daunting. That's what our porch project will look like if we ever get underway.


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