Friday, 19 November 2010

iPod, Phone, etc Holder

Thank you for your comments on last Friday's Craft, and here is this week's offering:

a Holder for an iPod, mobile/ cell phone, MP3 Player, digital camera, or even just a handy rubbish pouch for one's handbag!! This one actually belongs to Middlest, hence the large PINK button!

This is a suitable present particularly for teenagers, but everyone else too- just change the colour of the yarn!

I knitted it in knit 1, purl 1, rib because my stocking stitch knitted camera case (same pattern but more stitches on the needles), has not held its shape at all.
I used double knitting synthetic yarn that I had to hand, and knitted using GB size 10 needles;
in Metric = 3.25mm
in USA = size 3

The finished Holder was about 5" (11cm) by 3" (6cm), button closed, but tension will vary from person to person, and knitted lengthwise.

To Make:

Cast on 20 stitches (an even number makes it easier to keep the rib straight if you become distracted).

Every row: knit 1, purl 1, and repeat to end.

Carry on until the strip measures 11" (27cm)
ie- length of object x2, +1" (2.5cm) extra

Cast off, in rib if possible.

Now fold the strip in half, then edge one one back by 1" (2.5cm), which will give you the top overlap. Pin together (or not!) and stitch up each side.

Next I sewed on the button, below the level of the overlap.

For the button loop there are two options:
a) plait a short length of yarn, or
b) crochet a short chain of yarn

Either way, you need to measure from the overlap edge, down around the button, and back up to the edge again- that's the length of plait or chain you need....WITH a length of yarn at each end so that you can stitch this piece onto the edge of the overlap.

Finish in ends and you are done!

For added gift ideas, you could include an iTunes voucher, or add a couple of charms or tassels- they seem to like them!
(...or even a packet of tissues, or would that be too insulting?...

I hope this is useful to some of you- I've got to knit a few more for presents myself!

And as to the lack of posts this week? I've been ill in bed since last Sunday, just a bug, but such a pain. Can you imaging what my music Classes will sound like after a whole week without singing? Level of laundry? state of kitchen? etc etc...Grrrrr!


Hazel Schreiner said...

I hope you are feeling better, there is nothing worse than feeling sick, I should know I've been living in a constant state of nausea lately!!

The present idea looks great, I should really spend some time learning to knit, you can achieve so much with such a skill.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend to make up for the not so fabulous week!!

:) Hazel
Hazel Loves Design

Jane's In The Jungle said...

Oh man...glad you're better!!
And I so wish I knitted, that is adorable....

And guess what????? I am on my way out the door to an Elton John concert complete with my belt!!! It looks so good!!!!!!!!!!

Elaine said...

This looks easy. I might have to dig out my long-neglected knitting needles and see if the arthritic old fingers will still remember how to knit.


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