Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Santa's Workshop...Sorta...

Santa's Workshop is going nineteen to the dozen here after my brief stint in bed. I'm having a great time creating dolls!
Anyone not 'in the know' would think I was the next Sweeney Todd with the amount of body parts littering the work table!!!

There's a Princess doll, for a special small person:
I've been working with the new Jan Horrox book, to make her, and would REALLY recommend the book if you are into doll making! Further progress:
After Christmas I'll show you the properly finished doll, as I don't want to spoil the surprise for the recipient!

Then, for another very, very small person I returned to the usual style of Prim pattern, with an embroidered face, to make a Prairie style doll:
...forgot to swivel her around!
One is to be posted tomorrow, and the other taken to Dublin on Saturday, possibly to a Rugby International, but hopefully will be delivered first!!
Any more orders better come in fast as I've another two to do yet and posting dates are a-creeping!

And then Santa's next trick is a Craft Workshop for the Mothers' Union. Back in August, the 24th November was so far ahead I thought nothing of agreeing to do it...ha! No, actually: HA!

The last two days have been spent packaging 25 personal Craft Packs
(templates, fabric, ribbons, etc)
and four similar Supply Baskets with identical contents
(beads, sequins, buttons, lavender potpourri, toy filling, misc fabric pieces, Biros, etc).
I didn't realise how much work would be involved, but I also figure that if its worth doing at all, its worth doing well.
These are the demonstration lavender in; 'here's one I made earlier!' And long live Blue Peter!! (Is that a cultural joke?)
I hope I survive the evening, and I hope the ladies do too, of course; I've actually never done anything like this before.
This evening I have been working out the step by step progression for the evening...but if even one bottle of beads gets knocked over it will turn into a shambles....

And then, this afternoon I glanced out the window and there was a rainbow!
God's promises?
Perhaps I'll survive after all!!


Amanda said...

Great dolls; it's always the faces that throw me, mine always end up looking decidedly maniacal! I'm sure your workshop will go with a swing, you sound really organised and if my own experience of MU is anything to go by there'll be loads of women there keen to help organise and sort things out for you.

collettakay said...

God's Promises, Amen!

Jane's In The Jungle said...

I CAN'T WAIT......I know you were busy today but I bet you had a great time!!

Ulla said...

Your dolls are amazing, and the book looks very interesting.


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