Thursday, 25 November 2010

Soggibottom Bear Looks for a New Home!

You want a CUTE bear for Christmas? Here's your chance!!

Actually, on second thoughts, please don't enter...I really want him for myself!
At what age exactly does one grow out of adoring teddy bears???


Thank you for the well wishes for the Workshop last night! Here's the report if you are interested!

It was just WILD!

The day began with teaching children all morning. One of the teachers came into my Music Class (only about 80 children present) and decided to play the X factor with the songs, reducing the whole class to pandemonium. Then she did a big long speech and tried to 'eliminate' one of the older boys, and when I pretended to interview him with a clothes peg for a 'mike' he played up and wailed and sobbed, which had the younger ones in hysterics!

The Mothers' Union in the evening was another sort of chaos, with people bringing blunt scissors and needles, and enormous pins which looked like hat pins, and trying to steal each other's craft bits, and sequins and beads flying everywhere. Then the clothes pegs I brought to hold the gluey buts together were so old that when people tried to use them the plastic exploded and flew everywhere!...But robins and hearts were sewn and embellished and stuffed and a very rowdy night was had!

Well, they invited me, instead of a more staid person to lead the craft night; they might have known things would happen- after all, they hear me at the Organ many Sundays so they know what a disaster I am!


Amanda said...

It sounds like a perfect day!

Ulla said...

Oh what a day and night! I have tried teaching a Christmas card class but have no authority and they ended up doing whatever they wanted with the material provided, and I just helped out.

collettakay said...

Glad it all worked out for you and that you had fun!

soggibottom said...

I am trying to imagine trying to listen and take notice when you are in a class. I would have to sit at the back and hide I think :-) :-)

Never an age of growing out of a ted by the way. It was the last thing I made and gave my dad :-)...... I still make old bears for older people :-). You notice I never said OLD..... :-) x x x


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