Thursday, 4 November 2010

Wake Up Them Angels!

So there I was, bumbling along in me own slow way, and what happens?

CHRISTMAS jumped out and hit me!

First week in November and the deadlines don't just be LOOMIN',
they're blinkin' well ACCUMULATIN' too!

School Carol Service
My own Church Carol Service and Nativity
Taking a School Choir to sing in the Methodist Service
Parish fund-raising Stall at the Farmer's Market
Fund-raising for, which a friend's daughter wants to do
things happening in the Cathedral (I'm one of the key-holders...makes me sound like a nice piece of fancy beading on a ring!)
Mothers' Union Craft Night- gluey ideas coming right up!
and a Craft Market where I should be so lucky as to have a does one make the time to make money when there is so much else to do? I tell you, you need unemployed people like me just to keep things ticking over peacefully!...

...perhaps not exactly peacefully...

Yesterday I spent in School (which is not a paying job, fyi, for all I work jolly hard at the Music!)
burning up the photocopier,
annoying the Principal,
going through the percussion and chime bell boxes (has anyone seen the G above Middle C?),
and wrecking havoc in various Classrooms.

My version of beginning the Christmas Music!

One Staff member commented, as she saw the paper and music littering the Staffroom table at break;

'Behind every school Music Teacher lies a Trail of Chaos!'

How they all put up with me I don't know, but as this is my ninth year at it, I guess they just tell themselves, 'This too will pass!'

Anyhow, I enjoy myself! As do some of the children, at least!


Amanda said...

Now that I'm retired the run up to Christmas runs so much more smoothly. But I so remember the hecticness (?) or should it be hecticity? of November and December in a primary school.

soggibottom said...

Make sure you really do take a gin bottle.
I think I would need one with all that lot :-) x x x

Elaine said...

Ah, there's always plenty of time to get things done for Christmas--that is, until November rolls around!


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