Saturday, 11 December 2010

Unwanted Germs and an Apology

I know, I know: I never posted this week's Friday Craft.
I'm verra sorry, really, and my only excuse is that I was just too wrecked last night...pathetic, don't tell me...
The last two days I've taught all 200 plus children in the School as well as sorting logistics for the actual Service in the Church to avoid collisions as well as lengthy pauses.
And now I've a stonking cold and sore throat!
I ask you!
Wouldn't any self-respecting germ have the nous to know when he was totally unwanted and just stay clear?
But no!
In they come all jolly pleased with themselves yelling:
'Party! Irish Sucker Found! Roll Up! Roll Up!'
It would make you sick......
Ah well.
If you are interested, my Etsy packages have begun to arrive! We had no post until Friday of this week when the Postman finally got through our lane, so the HEAP that came through the letter-box was a delight in itself!
So far I stand by my opinions in Monday's post, every item is either beautiful or pretty, and at the very least, exactly as described, mostly even better. My family is going to be soo happy and I'm having a seriously difficult time keeping all these secrets!!
What to do, huh?
And on the Music front, the various classes are progressing, the Infants are managing to keep in time and get the words mostly right, so I've decided that progress on two fronts is quite satisfactory, and am giving up on the tuneful singing aspect...I'll leave the miracle working to Our Lord!
Youngest and Middlest have decided that they really need to sing 'Walking in the Air' in the Church Carol Service Sunday 19th,
and luckily the Dean has agreed that one secular piece of Music will be acceptable...
(I suspect that it might also be something to do with the fact that Aled Jones is Welsh? Like himself...)
So, despite them weaselly germs, things do be fallin' inta place, so they does!
And all the snow and ice has melted- thanks be to goodness!


Kathy said...

Sad to hear the kids at school gave you germs. One of our concerts will be coming up on December 20th and the other will be in January. I hope our kids artwork will be done by then. Its going to be close as we got a late start this season.

collettakay said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. Enjoy your packages!

I'm off to "Youtube" that song. I don't think I've heard of it.

ladydi said...

You didn't get the memo? Moms cannot get sick - particularly at Christmas! Ditto for choral directors. Feel better, and best wishes with it all.

Jane's In The Jungle said...

I was sick this weekend...caught it from the hubby...he could have kept it to himself! It's aleways so crazy this time of year isn't it....I dream if just sitting back and enjoying it...yes, a dream, LOL!

Amanda said...

Me too, feeling a bit sorry for myself with the lurgy - and DH is away on business until Sunday so I can't even plead illness to get out of doing the chores. Sorry you're feeling full of it too. Not what you need at the end of term and just before Christmas, but bugs are notoriously awkward in their sense of toming. Hope you feel better soon.


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