Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Snow Days

Today is the third 'Snow Day' out of School this week. I was there briefly on Monday, and the School Yard was one huge sheet of ice. Since then it has repeatedly snowed and freezed...fruzzed...frozen so we await the thaw.

I'm trying not to panic over the state of the Music for the Carol Service which happens Friday 17th, ready or not! But I have been promised free rein on Thursday to catch up with all the classes in the School- can you imagine what it'll be like?

Anyhow I have put the time to good use, craft-wise, and have been crocheting and knitting away. This morning I went shopping with Mom and the pavements in town and the parking lots remain just awful. It doesn't seem to have occurred to very many Businesses that clearing the paths outside their own doors would be a kindly public-spirited gesture.

However on the whole it seems that many people are looking out for their neighbours, and certainly, out by us, the farmers are all keeping the roads as passable as possible...say that ten times fast!

Still, roll on the thaw! I know that very many of you, like Ulla and Elaine and Diane deal with much worse snow and ice for the entire Winter months, but as one of you said last year, your places are better at coping...if this is going to become normal for Ireland, we are going to need to take lessons from you people!!

P.S. I've been playing with my Banners and have kind of matching ones for here and the shop! Don't you love stars?!


Ulla said...

Your blog looks very festive! You are right, coping with long winter months with snow is no problem usually, when you are grown to it. You just need good sensible boots, layers of clothing for various temperatures (forget about elegance), and muscle power to shovel the snow away on your own patch.

Elaine said...

It is a matter of being prepared to deal with the problems of snow and ice, and the more you have of it the more you learn to cope. A few weeks back we had rain that slowed us down for a few days since it froze when it hit the frozen ground and made for some very slick roads. Schools are very seldom closed here even when there's a huge snowfall or minus 50 F temps. An inch of rain in two days, so instead of a snow day we had a rain day, and the schools were closed for three days. Go figure.

Amanda said...

Your new blog look is very Christmassy looking. I think the problem in GB and Ireland is that snow like we've had - twice - this year is so unusual. It's hardly worth the authorities spending out huge amounts of money on fancy machinery to deal with the snow, if it's not going to happen for long periods every year. But I agree with you about individual efforts. Last year there was some silly rumour going around that you shouldn't clean the pavements outside your house because if people slipped on it you could be prosecuted. All complete rubbish of course, but too many people were bothered by it. We don't have a pavement outside our house, the drive opens straight out on to the lane, but my husband puts ash and cinders out there regularly, and it's much appreciated in icy and snowy weather by the dog-walking neighbours, the postman, et al.

Mamma Bears Fault said...

Snow days before a concert should just be outlawed! I mean really!!!! I do know how you are feeling about your school program right now, and I feel for if you needed any more stress! Uck. Take care, good luck - it will all work out - it always does, it's just the process of getting there that royally stinks! Oh, and hanks for stopping by my blog. Take Care - ELizabeth N

Micki said...

It sounds worse where you are. Our ice and snow totally melted, so it was the first day where it was nice. I hope the weather gets better there.

soggibottom said...

That's the reason why I come here :-) Thoughful and caring :-) x x x

Have a good time at the Carol Service. I would catawaul. :-) But I love to hear everyone else. My grandaughter is going to be on Blue Peter on Tuesday in a Choir... She's tall, so they will probably put her at the back :-) xxx
I haven't see Blue Peter for years.

soggibottom said...

Stars are good. Love 'em X X X


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