Friday, 3 December 2010

Gold Stencilled Jar

Welcome to Friday's Craft, people! I hope you are ready to make a lovely mess!
This week I stencilled a jar with gold paint, using the ubiquitous ivy leaves as stencils. After I had done it I was in the Senior Infant Classroom and saw them making paper snowflake stencils, and I thought that would be a lovely idea too. A lacy, paper cut-out design!
I chose a tall jar, and pulled the leaves off some of my house plants:
To stick the leaves onto the jar, I just doubled over pieces of sellotape, but double-sided tape would be useful either:
I stuck just four leaves around the jar, but I could have used more, or stuck some high and some lower:
Then, since it was bitterly cold and snowy outside, I spread newspaper on the kitchen floor and sprayed gold paint onto the leaves. By holding the nozzle directly over each leaf, the outline remained fairly crisp, but it would be easy to splash spray under the leaves:
It took about half an hour to dry, but I was afraid of smudging it, so it may have been ready sooner. Carefully peel off the leaf, and remove the loop of sellotape...oops, not as crisp an outline as I thought!
Work your way around the jar, keeping the lovely gold leaves...then drop in a candle, light it with a taper ( I used a twig!) and there you are!
I haven't decided what to use the leaves for, but they are lovely. Probably the door wreath, in another week or so.
You could put other things in the jar-
for instance a group of long thin candles sticking out the top,
or a string of fairy lights, if your jar was large enough,
or those chocolates wrapped in shiny coloured cellophane would look pretty...

If you'd like to see our snow, I'm posting the photos I took today on The Scenic West blog.
Youngest and I and the dogs went tobogganing this afternoon after I returned from School, and had a great time!


soggibottom said...

Oh, messy stuff, for this I will sit at the front of the class and watch :-) x x x

soggibottom said...

Changed my mind and moved to the back incase I am told off for talking. :-) x x x

Constructive Attitude said...

oooooooooo so pretty!

Hazel Schreiner said...

This is such a creative idea! You are so inspiring! I used to love doing creative projects, but lately I just struggle for time!

I love the photos you have coming through of the Irish winter, in Queensland we don't even get frosts on the lawn during our winter, I'm definitely looking forward to moving to a cooler climate in time for next winter.

Thank you for the sweet words about the baby news, we are both so excited. We've been trying to keep it on the 'down low' while it filters through to the extended family, but it is just such an exciting time!!

I am glad you've enjoyed Crescendo, it is such a good book and by the look of her webpage there is another one coming.... but we have to wait a WHOLE YEAR!! I wish they wouldn't do that to us!!!

I hope you are looking forward to having the family altogether for Christmas, It'll just be Brad & I this year. But next year, oh that is going to be a whole new kettle of fish. So I think we will make the most of the last year of just the two of us!

:) Hazel
Hazel Loves Design

Elaine said...

A bit messy, but a nice easy project and a very nice effect.


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