Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Doll Factory and Snowy Rose!

The Doll Factory continues to stitch away, and two more commissioned dolls were finished this morning: a girl doll...
...and a boy doll, the first boy doll I've made. I was wondering how to dress him so I looked up some illustrations of Tom Sawyer for ideas! Both dolls have the children's names stitched onto their boots, as they are intended as Christening presents.
I started this doll last night, just for fun, and finished her late today, so she will go into the Shop presently. Youngest supervised the 'hair-do'!!
When I was out earlier there were some late roses bowed under the weight of snow, which looked quite incongruous! I bet they are sorry they hung around so long!
The roads are gradually clearing and the snow melting a bit each day, but the highest day time temperature is only 1 degree, and by 7pm last night it was already -3 degrees: this is almost unheard of for here. Driving is hairy!!
I forgot to finish making Middlest's curtains, so I'm working on them now, and adding a length of thermal lining I had stored in the trunk, as I reckon it might help keep the cold out. Of course she could re-hang her old curtains, even if they do clash with the fresh painted bedroom walls, but no!!
And now to School, for a few hours of Music and Carol Service chaos...I mean, practising!!
Don't forget, the December Special starts in the Shop today!!


Ulla said...

Your dolls are great! Thank you for mentioning the Jan Horrox doll book; I saw it at the craft fair last weekend and bought it!
Keep warm and drive safely.

collettakay said...

Your dolls are wonderful! Each so unique.

It has been raining here for the past 2 days and it is supposed to turn to snow in a few hours. I must say I'm a litte bit excited! lol

I've made tons of curtains. What kind are you making for middlest?

Micki said...

The dolls are wonderful Jan Horrox is ownderful. You should also getting books from Patti Cullea and Elinor Peace Bailey.


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