Thursday, 2 December 2010

Thankful Thursday

Hey look, you guys! I actually remembered that it's Thursday!
Whoop-di-doo! Tally ho! Tiddly-pom! and all that sort of thing!!
So here goes:
Firstly: Thankful for the beautiful sunshiny amazing weather we've had this week! Sub zero temperatures, snow and ice, but so very, very beautiful!

Secondly: Thankful that my car has, so far, decided to stay on the road, despite the temptation to slalom through ditches and across the it did last winter! Its been very well behaved!
Thirdly: (I'm not blowing my trumpet here, I'm just really grateful), I received TWO blog awards during November.

This one from Kathy at Cottage Garden Quilter:

with a lovely comment...

and this one from Hazel at Hazel Loves Design:
with another lovely comment!
As Deborah says- Kindness Matters! Its nice to receive nice comments!

Fourthly: Thankful for firewood, a warm house, and the finances to keep us warm this winter. Not everyone is as lucky, I know.

Fifthly: (is there such a word?) The car got a puncture last night, late, but it was whilst the Hub had it, not me. I'm so thankful it wasn't me trying to change the tyre in the middle of the night at -5 degrees (where's the little 0 for degrees on the keyboard, by the way?), and he was thankful too. With just one car(that goes!), rural living can be complicated enough...

Off now to visit Greg's and link my Thankful Thursday post- is Greg ever going to fall off his chair when he sees me after all this time...or what!!!!

1 comment:

Micki said...

We are getting really bad weather in Donegal too. I will be glad when all of it over for a bit of a break!


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