Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Of Saucers

So you know the way Ireland is saucer shaped, geologically speaking, mountains around the edges and all them bogs and flat farmland in the middle?

D'you know why it’s so?

I’ve a’s to keep all the water in and to make sure we float.

Put a saucer in a bucket of water and you'll see.

But here's the thing now; if you get too much water into the middle of the saucer what happens?

It sinks.

So I’m just thinking here, that if anyone has immediate access to the climatic tap that's doing the unending dripping on Ireland, they might want to take a wrench to the valve and shut it off for a bit, before we either drown or sink???

And no, I wouldn't fancy living in the Sahara, and yes, I kinda like the emeraldishness of this island, but c'mon haven't we enough water to be going on with for now?


Amanda said...

Is it just a British thing, or are people in other parts of the world never happy with their weather? After the drought earlier this year we had rain, and rain and rain. Then the sum came out, and it was too hot. Today's okay, but the wind is chilly. We had a Peruvian visitor to stay for a weekend a few weeks ago and she couldn't get enough of the rain, as they have so little at home. And she kept reminding us that England wouldn't be so beautiful without all of the rain. And yes, she's right, but I still don't like getting soaked, or chilly, or too warm!

Elaine said...

It seems this year the weather has been mixed up in a lot of places, with either too much or too little rain. While the rain keeps everything beautiful and green, it's really hard to enjoy the beauty looking through all the rain. I think that valve keeper has a mean streak.....


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