Friday, 24 June 2011

Friday HodgePodge

You know, I get the distinct impression from yesterday's highly witty and amusing comments, that you are failing to take both my new transport, and my green credentials, seriously...

I am DEEPLY 0-fender-ed...

However I forgive yez, and as a gesture of reconciliation I offer you this quotation, which I got from the Living Life Fully website:

We have shaped ourselves into new people, and we have done so by our decisions. There’s no going back, of course, and I guess most of us wouldn’t want to if we could, even though we’re acutely conscious of mistakes we’ve made. We have to remember that each of us is new at this business of living and content ourselves with the fact that most of us have plenty of time to make good decisions in the future.
(Earl Nightingale)

I especially like the 'new at this business of living' part!!

I have always thought that doing one's best is good enough, whatever the circumstances, although there will be times when one doesn't, for whatever reason. Lately I've realised, through reading and my Mom's comments, that learning to be kind to one's OWN self might also be important.

Do I treat myself with the same kindness and consideration I show to everyone else?
Heck NO!
I drive myself, expect perfection at every turn, try to be always better than 'good enough'.
WHY? And I bet yous all do exactly the same!

How is it we can be gracious to everyone EXCEPT ourselves?

Got an email from a friend this morning:

'How daft is it that the temperatures in Dublin and Sligo are colder than Murmansk?? According to my weather forecast on the iPhone it's 8 and 9 versus 14!
Hope there's still ice at the north pole...'

It does seem a bit strange! She's boarding an ice-breaker today for a three week expedition...
Jealous? Moi???

Last thing: in my Etsy wanderings I found this shop , Northernlights, selling old-fashioned carpet bags, which I though existed no longer...they're gorgeous!

Mary Poppins eat your heart out!!!


Amanda said...

Oh, so true. When I started therapy nearly about eighteen months ago, for my serious anxiety problems I was asked to make a list of the things I believed about myself. When I came to the end of the course, just before Christmas, she asked me to take another look at the list. I couldn't believe how hard I'd been on myself, and for so many years. In that year I'd learnt to be much kinder and forgiving to myself and it had made such a difference to how I coped with life. It didn't solve my anxiety, sadly, but I now deal with life and my place in it so much better.

Hazel Schreiner said...


Oh my, I didn't know what a carpet bag was, so I went for an exploration of my own and I am pleasantly surprised. Very eclectic. They look like something my Mum would LOVE so I'm off to share the link with her!

I hope you are well! I thought you were in the midst of winter on the upside of the world?

:) Hazel

PS... Any book recommendations? xo

Elaine said...

I've got a bit behind in blog reading and am just catching up. I have to agree with you, we are often hardest on ourselves. We need to lighten up and forgive ourselves for all our little foibles. I do love your new wheels in the last post. It looks like a real gas saver. Plus all the neighbors will be jealous when they see that parked in your yard!


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