Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A Degree of Achievement!

One is most most pleased with one's Eldest, at present.

Yesterday she got all her final results and passed everything just fine! Most proud of one's daughter's achievement, are we, despite obstacles and hiccups.

However, one would like to observe, for future reference, that acquiring a Degree may say plenty concerning the mental capacity of one's brain, but it is no indication of elevated status...viz...

She arrived home this morning in time for breakfast- pitta bread with scrambled egg, fine, garlic hummus and salad for seconds??? Next thing I hear her out in the back kitchen chatting to someone...well the dogs were with me so who...?

Not who, what: she was in the fridge talking to the jar of olives...

Finishes her breakfast and washes up her plate, oh joy! oh rapture! someone clearing up after themselves...washed using hand wash and the floor cloth...then dropped on the floor and tripped over and all the clean utensils knocked off the draining-board as she holds on to it to try and pick up her plate (she has trouble bending and stooping)...

She straightens up, with the plate, grins at me and remarks: 'Well I guess you know I'm home now!'


But it was very funny, and absolutely typical!!!


Amanda said...

Well done to her, that's a real achievement. As for the rest of it, well perhaps you can start adding charges for breakages to her student loan!

Trishia said...

Heckety, I love the way you share the mundane and make it so funny:)


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