Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Of Chocolate Cake and Quietude

On Thursday after supper, Eldest, Youngest and I were hanging out in the kitchen. I was sitting on the sofa knitting, Youngest was experimenting with a new chocolate cake recipe, and Eldest was in a lot of pain and trying to distract herself by reading but holding the book was too difficult so she was sitting at the table.

Result was that no one actually did what they intended, but did we have a party!!

The girls got to discussing comedy and, because I couldn't be bothered watching the You Tube episodes of what they were discussing, they started enacting it...people pay to see Eldest in action and here's me with a free viewing!!!

The pair of them 'took off' comedians, did skits, fenced, sassed each other, played bits of films, spilt chocolate batter, danced and sang and roared laughing at themselves for about an hour and a half- it was the most hilarious free show!

The chocolate cake was eventually got into the oven, the book was rescued from under the table, Eldest retrieved her slippers from the Fluffster Dog who was chewing them, and Youngest started in on the frosting. At this point things became rather heated as one wanted chocolate icing and the other wanted coffee, so they compromised with mocha.

Unfortunately Hoover Dog got a bit overexcited with all the activity and started chasing his tail, whereupon he got a paw tangled in the phone cable and knocked it off the desk. The clatter startled him so he raced under the table, taking the phone with him and wrapping the cable around Eldest's legs too. Youngest dived for the broadband box-thing before it hit the floor, forgetting to let go of the utensils she was holding...and sent mocha icing all over the Hub's desk, the broadband yoke, phone, floor, etc etc...

Well, as you can tell, she saved the broadband, the dogs cleaned up the spilled icing, and the flex was untangled, but...the excitement wasn't yet over!!!...

Despite the icing mishap, there was still enough to over-ice the middle of the cake, and as she stood back to admire her work, the top layer slid slowly sideways, cracked in half and departed off the plate in opposite directions!!

Plate tectonics 101!!!

Both girls and Hoover dog tried to rescue it, the girls winning by a very small margin!

Eventually I got a chopstick and speared one side of the cake to keep it together in order to spare Youngest's anguish, whilst they started eating the other side, aided by their father who arrived home from work at the crucial moment, for some reason doing a Johnny Cash impersonation and singing 'Ring of Fire' at full throttle! (well its better than Elvis and 'Jailhouse Rock' which is another of his...)

Another quiet evening....not!!!


collettakay said...

Sounds like a fun time! And I'm all for free entertainment. How's the new laptop?

Trishia said...

Heather, your hubby sings Johnny Cash AND Elvis??? I'm already in love with him:)hehehe

Christine LeFever said...

What a trip! And thank you for visiting my dolls and for that wonderful comment. I dearly hope, one day, to visit beautiful Ireland.

soggibottom said...

So much going on at the moment.... you know what our kids are like !
Want to email me .... THEN I can get back to you :-) x x x
Lots of love and love the new look :-)xxxx
Thanks about Ames..... yep... no snores, miss them so much that it hurts !

Amanda said...

I love your new blog look, so peaceful. This post made me think about what it was like when our two boys lived at home. I never knew which was worse, when they were fighting or when they were getting on; both were equally noisy and disruptive! I miss those times, but I also relish the peace and quiet of my life now that they've both left home.

Robin said...

I'm not sure my own home life is any less chaotic than yours, but you certainly spin it better than I do! You really are a marvelous storyteller, and with you for her mom and a Johnny Cash singing dad it's no wonder eldest is of a theatrical bent.

PS Love the sailboats :).

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