Wednesday, 22 June 2011

To Knit and Knots

Well these photos are in the wrong order, but never mind. I was about to say that in the time I was hors de combat, I knat and crocheted...well the family will tell you I'm always crochety, but that would be another issue entirely!

Ulla would be proud of me, as despite using no fabric, I finished over fifteen balls of wool from my stash (some dating from when Eldest was a baby and I knitted her cardigans!) besides another five balls I bought recently.


For this cushion cover I tried to use up as many ends as possible, and then I found the really fluffy ball in the back of a drawer, which I bought years ago on a trip to Tenerife:
Then as I still had even smaller ends left over...I crocheted the next one...

(actually, I think someone gave me a bag full of ends and scraps some time ago, and these are some of them)...obviously, there's a bit of finishing yet to do!!

This is the new wool I bought as I wanted to knit me a cowl big enough to pull over my head since my winter jacket has no hood. Well I won't be cold this winter coming!! Its enormous!

This photo was meant to be first, as it is a bagful of scarves and headbands I knitted since Easter for Youngest's fund-raising. It kept my hands busy, and was very portable when I was constantly up and down to Dublin, so served its purpose that way.

Since the fundraising is almost complete, I'll be putting these in the shop in the Autumn, if anyone is looking for neck-warmers and mobius scarves. These provided much of the scrap ends I used in the cushion covers, and I've some more yet!!

...but now and again a project just doesn't work out...

So since I was brought up on the 'waste not, want not' philosophy, it is re-made!

And there you have today's ripping yarn!!!


Amanda said...

Coo, you have been busy. I'd love to see a picture of you in the cowl, I've never been sure what you actually do with them, though I've thought one might be very useful when I need to stuff a tablet down the cat's throat!

Bunty said...

What a great idea! You have been very busy indeed.

Thanks for the nice comments you left re my blog.

Barbara :)

Ulla said...

I am proud of you, especially because of the last photo! My husband used to say to his mother that she'll never stop having something to knit as she used to rip her knittings so often. Old hand-knitted sweaters can also find a new life in beanies, scarves or gandmother's squares. I wash the ripped skeins so the yarn is easier to knit again.

Trishia said...

I hereby bequeathe you the unofficial Pundit of the Year award:) LUV your play on words. Oh, yeah, and the knitting's nice, too. hehehe All I ever knit are my eyebrows. Now that takes talent -- right up there with being able to wiggle one's ears:)


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