Friday, 13 April 2012

Blue-Work Tea Cosy

I was reading a new Quiltmania magazine which a friend kindly brought back for me from London, and found something which truly tickled my fancy: in French, the name for a 'tea-cosy' is 'cache-théieres', which translated means 'hide-tea-pot'!! Isn't that brill? I love translations which come out slightly off kilter...for instance, in Kiswahili, the phrase 'trying to get blood from a stone' translates along the lines of 'making the stone live'!
Anyhow, I've been working on making a birthday present for a friend and decided to try out one with blue-work panels which I've been working on in my head recently. (does blue-work have a hyphen, no hyphen, or all one word?)

These are the four panels, designed by moi-meme:
Here's the quilted cosy front, back and wadding (re-cycled fleece edging from a previous quilt):

And the finished cosy:

Apart from the fleece making the cosy too stiff, I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out. Its actually blue fabric too, the unused belt off an old skirt- you'd be amazed how much fabric a belt yields when you unpick the seams!!


Benta At SLIKstitches said...

LOL, I can't get my head around that being blue, let alone a belt!! Looks great though, and I love the bluework / blue-work / blue work!

Amanda said...

Well, rework is usually shown as just one word, so I suppose bluework should be the same. It doesn't look right though. Isn't it great when an idea works out like that, your tea cosy (or should that be hyphenated, or one word) is great. I keep wanting to make one, but I'm the only person who uses a teapot (or perhaps tea-pot or tea pot!) and the tea never stays in there long enough to get cold.


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