Monday, 30 April 2012


Firstly, least said about the Whole School Evaluation, the better. The Inspectors were really horrid and it was even worse than everyone anticipated.

Secondly, oddly enough, I still have a job...

Thirdly, Youngest turned seventeen on Thursday- how unutterably scary is that??
And to celebrate? She and a bunch of her friends went down to the archery range after school on Friday and had a great time, followed by watching 'The Avengers' in the cinema.
Whatever blows their hair back, I guess!!

Fourthly, I've decided to learn French-style cooking, sorta. It was Mom's birthday on Saturday and Dad took her to dinner at the French Restaurant in town, accompanied by Punch and Judy here, of course.(..who in their right mind turns down French Cuisine?) The food was just so good, and we got up from the table feeling sated not stuffed, PLUS it didn't make me ill, so how great is that?

So, French Cooking....since garlic is the only thing growing successfully in the veg patch!!!!


Benta At SLIKstitches said...

And you didn't swing for an inspector? Well done! We've just been told that adult education have an inspection in a few weeks, so I may get observed (bites nails) does it matter I'm not a teacher?

Amanda said...

The dreadful weather we've been having has stopped me getting on with gardening, so there's not a lot going on here either. There's leeks slowly rotting as it's too wet to go and pull them. The broad beans, peas and spring onions that I planted when we had some good weather a few weeks back are just coming through, and there's some tomato seedlings in the greenhouse along with some potatoes chatting. Not enough to feed us this summer though! If we ever get one.


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