Monday, 2 April 2012

Where Have I Been??

Firstly- does anyone know whether its ok to clean the laptop screen with windscreen washer?
Because I just did and now I'm waiting for it to go kaboom or kersploj or whatever screens do when they are really, really annoyed...

Where have I been?

At school, and excessively, manically, completely and frantically busy. Did I mention at the start of March we were informed by the Department of Education that we'd be having a Whole School Inspection in April?
Cue for panic- and extreme indignation all round.

Temporary accommodation ie. prefabs?
Half the contents of each classroom either in storage or in boxes?
Rooms too small to accommodate the usual wide range of class activities?
No display or pin-boards?
No communal meeting area?
Constant statistical problems with lights, water, sewage, leaks, heavy doors, wrong loos, yadda yadda?
All community access to school on hold for 18 months?

Answer 'yes' to all the above and more. The Report from the Inspection will be online for anyone to read for the next ten years or so, and there is no way we will come up shining with all those restrictions. No quarter given from the Inspectors, right pair of bags they are too- we met them.

Not that it has much to do with the Office Witch here, but its the principle of the thing; when you know the staff are good, committed, hardworking teachers and you know the Principal runs a tight ship, and you know that the Report wont do them all justice, well, its enough to make the blood boil so it is.

Term finished on Friday but I went in to the Office today to finish up stuff I hadn't got done, and there were three teachers in working. Wednesday I said I'd be in the Office in case there is anything they can let me do to speed up their own work, and judging from various texts I've received, all the teachers will be there.

Easter Holidays howarya!
Golly to goodness, her sisters have helped Eldest upstairs to get ready together to go the heck do we get her back down again? Piggy back? Don't watch this space, and Please put your fingers in your ears...


Siobhan said...

I would just use a little washing up liquid on a soft cloth to clean the screen and then gently dry with a soft cloth.
The WSE is a nightmare alright. You will be busy no doubt, so much for time off at Easter, but hopefully the inspection will go smoothly without any hiccups and then you can all breathe :)

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

Your job sounds like mine: the school prospectus may refer to me as the elevated title of PA to the head teacher, but im sure my job description didnt include removing dead pigeons and live (very cute) bunnies from the playground before school! hope the inspection goes reasonably (darn ofsted)


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