Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Quite Quackers

We've had a good bit of rain recently, including a sudden deluge yesterday just before I had to leave the house. Not so surprising in Ireland...its how we stay green, right?

I delivered Youngest to town and was returning home on our usual country road, dodging surface water, puddles, floods, and oncoming vehicles doing similar...when I came around a corner to find THREE DUCKS merrily swimming in a large puddle in the MIDDLE of the road!!

Quite Quackers!

PS. We didn't have duck for dinner, no oranges!
Just joking! I swerved and avoided them, not that they paid me any heed...


Amanda said...

This story quacked me up! I imagine it's not too uncommon, but many years ago, when I worked in London, I was walking to work past Buckingham Palace and saw a policeman holding up the traffic whilst a duck and five ducklings made their way across the road.

Andrea said...

We have had some strange weather here. Some days hot...some cold. Nothing normal in our spring:)



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