Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Klutziest and Photo Editing

I'd just been folding about a hundred and seven pairs of underwears,
no exaggeration you who's sniggering away there,
and I picked it all up,
walked down the passage to put everything away,
...and dropped the lot.

Madre de Dios!

I tell you,
some days one just isn't meant to get out of bed.

I was playing with the photo editing on one of Tricia's freebies, and somewhat altered the effect she was aiming for when she gave it...visual as well as sentiment. It was such fun!!

Tee hee!


Amanda said...

Oh, doesn't that sort of thing make you want to spit! I'd love to be able to read what's in the balloon, but can't magnify the picture.

Trishia said...

Heckety, a second request! Inquiring minds want to know! What does the bubble say? I can't even begin to second guess that Irish wit of yours:) But I can't read it -- I have 50-something eyes, uh, I mean, I have 2 eyes but they are 50-something years old and without glasses, I can't read anything smaller than a billboard!

Trishia said...

Thank you for my morning chuckle, Heather! You can go back to bed now and start today tomorrow:)ha!


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