Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A Dim Day

This morning I was in school to take Assembly. After practising today's hymn I was talking to the children generally (whole school gathered in one room can throw up some great humour!), and someone remarked on what a dark and gloomy day it is.

I agreed, and suggested we were in the middle of a solar eclipse?

The older ones didn't think so.

Well, sez I, perhaps when the night was over, God forgot to switch on the sun?

The middle section got that, but thought it would be even darker if that was so.

Then, sez I, perhaps when God was switching on the sun, His elbow knocked the dimmer switch?

They all agreed that that was a possibility...except for one Junior Infant who put up her hand and explained: 'Its because it's the winter and the sun don't be so strong.'

I told her she was absolutely right, and was I the joker? She agreed!

Sometimes I don't know which is funniest-
winding children up,
being wound up,
some not getting the joke,
or being set right!
Then the Principal and the Clergy arrived, so we behaved ourselves after that, but I do soooo enjoy my 200 children!


Amanda said...

Wonderful. I used to love taking assembly for all of those reasons, I just never knew what gems the children would come up with, or which direction they'd take me in.

Robin said...

God hit the dimmer switch with his elbow? That is hysterical, I'll have to remember it.

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ArtzeeChris said...

Hi there,

This is Chris, from Artzee Chris' Cool Clipart blog. Just wanted to thank you for coming over to visit me. I just started my blog the end of November so I'm a newbie but loving it.

Are you a teacher? It sounds like it from you post today. I actually have to applaude you for having the courage to take on 200 children by yourself. LOL. It's sounds like you really enjoy the kiddos. They can be so enriching can't they?

My oldest Child gos to a school with about 200 kids too they range from Kindergarten to 12th grade. It is a school for special needs children. Both my boys are Autistic and my oldest needs alot of supports and interventions.

My youngest gos to a public school where he is mainstreamed with 300 kindergartens in the kindergarten section. There are 6 classrooms with about 28 kids in each class. It's way too overcrowded but not much can be done at this time. No money in the budget ofcourse!

Anyway sorry for the novel, I was just really excited about your post and the fact your from Ireland. My husband has Irish roots. I would love to visit someday. It looks so beautiful!

Have a great Day

Chris :)
Artzee Chris' Cool Clipart and Graphics

Ulla said...

We have the weak sun problem almost every day now, but it is compensated in the summer!

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

LOL - oh my, one of the things I am thankful for is a friend like you. I could not agree with you more about not know which is the funniest ...

We made it home on a wing and prayer. Thank you for your posts that I read to #2 son. He new who Heckety was, because I had shared about you and your wonderful blog, especially the snow ones .... when he was home over the break and he remembered you from last summers posting too. He was uplifted that one his brain was working enough in his exhausted state and two he remembered you and three that you actually sent your message to him. "Your friend knows me, she really, really knows me and cares."

You are amazing girl - so when life's pattern seems to settle into the "being set right stage", remember you did make a difference in someone's life from across the pond.



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