Monday, 3 January 2011

To Resolute or Not and a New Treasury

I've been playing around on Etsy and made a new Treasury of some things we'd all need for a good night in, or even for hibernating!

Let it Rain, Blow, Snow

And about that other thing we all do in the New Year, that dodgy issue...Resolutions...

I've some new ideas which will hopefully be of interest to yez all, but for the second year in a row I am avoiding making any actual Resolutions. Its not that I disagree with them on principCheck Spellingle, its just that since I seldom manage to keep them, why waste the effort of thinking them up?!

But on the other hand, I would like to achieve a more balanced daily life, so perhaps that should be a Resolution?
Colletta had the idea to do a sort of project along those lines through the year and I went and got the book: there's a fairly grey line between 'good intentions' and 'resolutions', isn't there!

And finally, something Nikon Sniper posted during Christmas week...if this doesn't fill your heart...well...what can I say?!


Amanda said...

I don't go in for resolutions either, but there's something about a new year that makes me want to change a few things, make a few things better, make things new. It must be early spring fever. But I'm still not making resolutions, too easy to fail, but I'm thinking positive thoughts. Well, as far as I can positive when we've had yet another fall of snow this morning.

Catherine West said...

No resolutions for me! What is that they say, the road to hell is paved with good haha, no. I do have some things I'm going to try to accomplish this year however, but I'm not going to put pressure on myself, got enough already! I love your blog design, very pretty! You should leave it up so it can be Christmas all year round!


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