Friday, 17 June 2011


Doctor's appointment this morning. Much as I like and respect my Doc, I hate people wandering around inside my head so it was a bit wearing. So she's doubled the meds, which is as far as its possible to go, and is sending me to see someone in a few months probably. More head poking-eeeww...

Wouldn't it be great to unzip the top of one's head, take out the dodgy contents, leave them for poking at and come back when the White-Coats have finished and put it back all cured...sounds like a side of pork, huh!!

Or if there was a little window in one's forehead and they could look inside and say, 'Oh I see the problem!' and with a woggle of a screw-driver and a thwack of a spanner fix me.

Ideas for the future! And no, I do not be volunteering to be guinea-pigged!

And now for the EXCITING stuff: The Rabbits, Brer and Little Grey, funded a laptop for yours' truly here, and it ARRIVED THIS MORNING!!

I tell yous, I think I'm in love!!

I've spent the afternoon setting up/ activating/ fiddling/ and generally getting acquainted with my new friend, and its such fun! No one can tell me to shunt, or go away, or move over, for any reason, because THIS machine is MINE!!!!!!!!!

Outside is grey and the kitchen is burnt potatoes courtesy of Eldest...the hall is reverberating with Youngest's attack on my poor piano...but me? I'm lolloping and frolicking around the Internet with a big grin on my face!!

And if you are looking to gird your loins into Warrior Mode, read Tricia's post...its kind, and funny, and really uplifting! Love ya!!


Deborah said...

I hope you have a nice weekend!

Trishia said...

I'm trying to feel sorry for you, having to put up with the poking and the white suits, but doggone, your very own laptop?!!!! My sympathy has its limits:)hehehehe

collettakay said...

How did I miss this post when I was thinking about you all day Friday and wondering how the appt went?

How are you feeling on the upped meds? I have found an increase has been most beneficial for me in the past.

Praying you are "heading" in the right direction!


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