Monday, 2 August 2010

Dodgy Letter Post...

Last Friday Soggibottom's comment about posting potatoes reminded me of an old of those times when I thought I was being kind and it back-fired....ever had that?

Many, many years ago, a brother-in-law moved to Ireland, leaving his home in East Africa. He had been born, grown up and lived part of his adult life there, and since he was a Bush Pilot by trade, he missed Africa dreadfully.

Knowing this, one day when I was writing to the sis-in-law I decided to enclose (in the envelope with the letter) a brimming handful of African maize-meal. I'm telling you, there is nothing else as good as freshly ground 'mealie meal'! I thought a dish of ugali would sooth his home-sickness for a little while.

Then I forgot all about it.

About six weeks later there was a letter from sis-in-law: 'Thank you for causing my husband to be arrested for drug-smuggling.'

Holy Smoke!! What??

Apparently the Guards (Irish Police) had been handed the letter by An Post (the Postal Service) because it contained a 'suspicious substance'. Bro-in-law was picked up by the Guards, brought to the Station, requested to watch the controlled opening of the letter in a bomb-proof room, and then asked to identify the powdery white substance it contained!

Of course the minute he touched and saw it he knew exactly what it was and began laughing...then he asked them to open the letter and see was it signed by did he know it was me??? Then he had to spend several hours convincing them that he was NOT a drug smuggler!

Hmmmm...they didn't half take the mick out of me for years afterwards...but honestly! I was only trying to be kind!!!


Amanda said...

Well, it could happen to anyone!

Griselda Pugh said...

Oooops!! I'm sure he was very grateful, (when he recovered from the shock) :)

ladydi said...

My brother has a saying; "No good deed shall go unpunished." Just one more example!

Elaine said...

Too funny! The question is, if you knew what the result would be, would you still have sent it?

Kate Hanke said...

Thanks for visiting the site I made about the work I do with the boys. Please come and back and visit and/or consider making a donation.

Funny story!

Terri Tiffany said...

LOL Too funny!!! You wre being kind!
I love the look of your header!


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