Monday, 16 August 2010


Weather: Wet, chilly, misty, grey, dark, dull.

Laundry: Damp, Widow Twankey-ish...leading to....

Kitchen: festooned in wet laundry.

Dogs: Bored...leading to...

Floor Rugs: all MIA, presumably hidden by the dogs to entertain themselves?

Children: One in Galway, one location unknown, one working at local Bible Camp.

Husband: Soggy (too much cycling to and from work in the rain).

Garden: Ditto (minus the cycling).

Books: Library raid tomorrow morning!

Projects finished: NONE!

Summer: Last seen June 26th; would whoever borrowed the Summer and forgot to return it please do so IMMEDIATELY!

...or we will NOT be responsible for the CONSEQUENCES....


soggibottom said...

You'll be lucky mate.
We've had it all day, now think someone else has snitched it.
x x x

Ulla said...

It has been here, on top of our summer temperatures, and that is too much for me at one time. I think it is on tis way to you now. I'm sorry, but I didn't borrow it. The winds brought it unexpectedly. I hope you find nice books at least.

Amanda said...

I think of you every time I watch the weather forecast, and all they ever seem to show is rain and more rain. We've been really lucky, with some sun though it's been a bit chilly, but today I've woken up to a very dreary looking day. And I forgot to bring the dry washing in last night; so it's outside still getting damp again. Hey ho!

Terri Tiffany said...

Ok,,hope on that plane and come suck up some of our warmth and sun!

Micki said...

No rain here today, but we have had a lot the last few days, but it is a bit windy here.

ladydi said...

June? Really? Here, let us share with you. We have had lots of sun and warmth, to the point where people have the nerve to complain that they are too hot. My standard reply is that we don't have to shovel hot. :>} Aren't wet days good project days?

Hazel Williams said...

I think I've found your summer, we've been borrowing it down under for a couple of days! :)

Although it feels like winter is tapping on the window begging to be let back in.

Although it is only a month or so to go before we'll be gagging for the tropic heat to disappear again! The joys of living in a climate where you only really get one month of winter!

:) Hazel


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