Monday, 9 August 2010

Success! At Last!!

A new week!

It was a truly successful weekend though!

First; I successfully dyed every one's whites (undies and tee shirts) pink...not a nice uniform pink, but the blotchy I-guess-your-Mom-did-this kind of pink. So, no hope at all of anyone passing the garments off as being funky tie-dye or even pretending it was always this colour...

Second; I successfully put together a small bookcase which the Hub bought flat-packed...he had to tighten the screws but I am quite chuffed with myself because, so far, it hasn't collapsed! Which also means that I could tidy my desk!!

Third; I successfully managed to really annoy Youngest by telling her to wear a coat out on Saturday, and she'd dressed 'cool' (Rock-Chick mode is her present style!) and thought a coat would spoil the effect!
I told her it'd be another kind of cool entirely if she got soaked to the skin and spent hours in sodden clothes...she went off in the usual 'mothers-who-needs-'em' grump.

And fourth; I successfully agitated my dust allergy by tidying up the linen press and stirring up nearly four years of dust and some dead bugs!
You know the way you dump things places when you move house and then certain presses and odd corners take years to get to because other places are 'on view' more?
Well, this was one of those the last two nights...

(Fifth) I've successfully kept everyone awake with snoring and snuffling and sneezing fit to rattle the foundations (I'm told!)!
Heck! Can a girl be more popular!!

I'm a Success!

At long last!!


collettakay said...

wooohoo! Congratulations on your success! I can only hope to achieve your level someday!

Amanda said...

I'm delighted to hear that you annoyed your daughter by behaving like a mother, I think it's obligatory. Tough luck with the dust allergy. We're lucky in having bedrooms far enough apart that when either of us is badly affected and affecting the other's sleep we can keep well apart. We've been here about sixteen months now and I'm beginning to think that I can't put off resorting the cupboards any more. The problem is, it's just like painting the Forth Bridge, once you start there's never any end in sight.

Heart2Heart said...

I am sure that you are in the process of slowly organizing, something I could do more of lately but like you, the thought of making my horrible summer allergies worse is keeping me from doing just that.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Robin said...

I'm jealous ;), my kids are still too young to have much fun annoying them though at 9.5 my older is showing a bit of promise for the future. What fun I'm going to have!

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