Friday, 6 August 2010

Haphazard Week

The title says it all, I'm afraid...its just been one of those 'what day is it?' sort of weeks. Cool dark grey, wet weather isn't helping either...
Come back, Summer!
All is forgiven!
We love ya Miss Hannigan!!
(I'm sorry, but the SpellCheck won't work so please excuse the poor spelling? Its not my gift...)

Thank you all for your comments and input on the posts about 'Stuff'; I will reply presently and you have given me some more to think about too.

Just to put a complete spanner in the 'accepted' works: personally I remain sceptical that the present Climate Change has been completely brought about by our mis-use of this Planet's resources.
Historically, and I'm talking centuries and millennia here, our planet has undergone huge shifts in temperature, leading to vast erosion, tectonic plate shift, and the dispersal of ice to water and back again.
Tony Robinson did a really interesting programmen about it awhile back, if I find it online I'll give you the link. But any scientifiacally minded Historian can look at the facts- mind you, its the interpretation which can be dodgy, isn't it?

Something exciting: Hazel says I won her Book Club Giveaway and is sending me the next book to read! I hope I get to the post before my daughters; new books are fought over in this household! So, thank you Hazel!!

Eldest returned late last night from yet another 'work's meetings' trip to Dublin, in quite a lot of pain. She had a great time, met an olf friend unexpectedly, and impressed the various people she is doing jobs for, so is well delighted with herself!
I've cleared the Workroom for her now, and put the bed up as the stairs are giving her a lot of trouble, so that's one thing...but the layer of junk which now coats several other rooms now requires a solution!!

I'm conducting experiments, ok, stinks, on home brewed liquid fertilizers, alternatively called compost teas, or Dynamic Accumulators. (Actually, Dynamic Accumulator sounds more like a rising Crescendo in Music, doesn't it??) Youngest is horrified but its great fun, and the more I read, the more I discover that there is usefulness and nutrition in all plants...well, if you are a plant!...or perhaps a cow?

And now another weekend? Not much to show for this week- better luck next? I doubt, since July and August is drift-and-think time!

Last Sunday I was visiting Organist in another Church, and, I regret to say, the Service was more of a Disaster Zone than a Worship Zone- most of it my fault. Its surprisingly difficult to produce a cohesive, contemplative Service, music-wise, when one doesn't know the Rector very well.
Well, for me.
This Sunday I'm playing at Home, so's to speak, for which relief give thanks!!

Heckety played the Organ...the Organ won!

Well actually, God did, luckily!


Amanda said...


Sorry to hear that your eldest isn't too well. It's always so much more of a worry when a child is unwell than when we're unwell isn't it? Your 'experiments' sound fun, but rather you than me.

You reminded me of the Neil Innes quote "For years I've suffered for my art, now it's your turn".

Micki said...

Sorry your eldest is not feeling well. I hope she is better soon. Congrats on the win!

Heart2Heart said...

I really need to send you some books. I have tons sitting in boxes that I have read over the last year and know that they would bless all of you so much.

I may just surprise you! Please send your gloomy cloudy weather my way as I have struggled with summer allergies all year long.

Wanted to wish you a great weekend!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

soggibottom said...

Left a bit of a print here in case you think I haven't read it all.
I have, and I do. ............
lots and lots of love x x x x x
AND A HUGE HUG.... don't read any more books ...........


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