Monday, 24 January 2011

Texting and Mail Art (or was that Male Heart?)

A texting conversation I overheard on Thursday went like this:

Text incoming: They are playing the 'Gladiator' soundtrack in the Bank!

Text outgoing: Don't be flashing your sword at the cashiers. They won't like it.

Text incoming: Was tempted but I refrained.

Text outgoing: Whew!

Text incoming: Indeed they escaped with their lives!

Hmmm...Whatever blows your hair back, I guess!

D'you know what Mail Art is?

I just thought doodling on envelopes was a teenager thing, which everyone does, and then grows out of. But no! Its an Art Form! and...

Tricia, at French Kissed, is having a Mail Art Contest and Swap, which, if you really get your skates on, you can still join in! There's great prizes, and even if you don't be after gettin' one of them grand yokes, you'll still be receivin' your own personal doodle sample-
Mail Art!

Good eh?

PS. I just spent this evening doing mine, and of course they're fabulous...actually they are not! My ever reprehensible sense of humour got the better of me and they are just plain daft!

And, fyi (getting used to the teenager lingo-speak, here!), this week I aim to figure out how to work the folk's scanner. Yez all seem to do so many clever things with scanners I thought I should join the fray!

And another thing (there always is, sigh...); you know the way they say that if you do a thing for one month it will become habit and will stay with you?

Well, does that go for existing on liquid and mush instead of proper food?
By the time the phantom earache is sorted, a month will have passed, during which I'll be gurgling the intake!


But one advantage is that by then there might be a bit less of Yours Truly, WobbleBottom Extraordinaire.

And that, mes amigos, would be A GOOD THING!

1 comment:

Trishia said...

Merci beaucoup for mentioning my Mail Art contest and swap!
Can't wait to get your entries:)
As for your new diet plan, I don't suggest marketing it. I don't think it will catch on:)


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